domingo, 13 de novembro de 2016

Damn lunatics!

The doors are broken into by an enormous wolf. Who invades the king's room as if it were his own backyard. Their overwhelming strength is no pause for the leeches, who vainly attempt to stop him in his destructive hunt. The king flees by a passage behind the throne, to an armored room in the attempt to save what remains of its monarchy. In the small room where only half a dozen loyal servers are left, one of them operates a computer to see where a security breach has occurred.
 "How did those bastards find our lair?"
"I do not know, sir, we're looking for answers to what's left of our internal control system.
 "Who brought that damn sick dog here will pay with your goddamn soul!"
 "They are breaking the door, my lord!"

 The steel door is struck with tremendous force, it looks like a truck is beating at it constantly.
"Get the fucking shit out of here, you son of a bitch!"
 "No one leaves here until they give me an answer!"
"Yes, sir, there are many of us, we do not have time for that!"
"You can choose to leave now and die by my hands or wait a little and get out alive."
 - Of course my lord!
 Silence dominates the room for several minutes. The only sound one hears is steel being torn and a mad pack to invade the vampire den.
 "I found my master.”
"Who was the son of a bitch who let them in?"
 At the end of these words the operator of the play computer in the security video. The image shows a lunatic coming through the back door humming.
- I always wanted a pet dog, lalalalalala !! To take care of my good lord, lalalalala, come a little friend, let's meet the owner of the night, llalalalala. And right behind a horde of men turning into wolves and attacking everyone. At the end of the video the door is broken and a pack of wolves invades the tiny room killing everyone in seconds.
And in the background it is heard:

 "Bad dog, very bad, made a lot of trouble, Dad does not like a mess.

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