sábado, 1 de outubro de 2016


In the cold night of Buenos Aires, landing at the last train, I am thinking only of my bed. Cross the bridge that leads me to a long avenue of the neighborhood, where the building in which I live. The street this deserted, no dogs or beggars in sight, it seems that the cold drove them to hide in the station tunnel or somewhere where the wind does not touch them, where they can spend the night without the cold death find them. As if it were possible with this damn cold! In my lonely walk I get lost in mundane thoughts as bills, food and fucking neighbor who never lowers the sound. Upon reaching the entrance of the building look for my key that opened my beautiful and comfortable apartment.
Nothing better than a two-room apartment for a bachelor. With plasma TV, an Xbox and a good Wi-Fi. I climb the stairs dragging me, fatigue increases each reached step and are two floors to climb. The desire to get home pushes me to the door of my sanctuary and like magic the door opens, alone. Alone?! As well?!
Someone inside my apartment. I want to shout, but curiosity is greater than the desire to help. I cross the door looking son of a bitch who probably is taking my Xbox. But what I see is surreal. A woman with red hair and black eyes on my couch. With a glued dress and cut low for this time of year. Its beauty surpasses the mundane normality. The toned body, full breasts and thighs a break neck. She stares at me for a few seconds while I walk slowly.
 - Good evening my dear host, excuse to invade, but you were late to our meeting today.
- Meeting?
- Yes honey, I'm waiting for you for a long time or years, for me there is no difference.
 - Time? Years? As well?
- My dear children, today I can reveal to you the beauty of the night or kill you. You can choose. But I confess I wish you "will my side" so to speak.
- What? As well? I do not understand?
 - You understand.
 She gets up and walks slowly toward me, puts his hand behind my head, leaving the mouth millimeters from my ear and says:
-today is your night, just ask and I will give you all the nights of the world forever!
 The answer escapes from my mouth involuntarily, as if already there, eager to leave. A loud and clear but too much for a person who does not know what this agreement. Without delay she kisses my ear with her cold lips, causing chills going through my body completely. Gets down licking my neck to the jugular and spiking their prey. A delightful bite that gradually sucks my life, in a few seconds I played on the cold floor of my apartment, dying between life and death. She comes close and speaks:
- Do you want eternal night with me?
- Yes, help me! Please!
And with that last plea for life, she removes her dress strap, leaving her breasts in sight and the nail pierces one of them, well below the nipple and puts in my mouth.
Well come you eternal night!