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September 4, 20015, 1:00 AM
Damn time I got into this joke of the night. Why, taking time to enjoy the pleasures of the long night life, I was taken to betray my instincts as human horny, so dangerous!

September 3, 20015, 23:46 PM
A group of newly created Brujhas, dominated by the recent embrace the power of the night and venture into a dense forest to play dog bush.
A crazy game, it takes a group of leeches to cross a closed and dominated by werewolves.
A total of six children go into the woods with me. Idiots! How could we know what we were doing?
We got into playing and making riot, breaking branches and challenging nature to face us. A few meters from the forest edge, we begin to sense the predatory presence of flophouse owners.
Everything was too fast, there was no time to react or even think. Realizing that monstrous creature behind us, almost three meters tall, arms like columns of a building, which the first movement already cut off the head of one of my companions.
He started growling and drooling looking at the rest of us. And as children, we desperately run.
Branches beat and cut my face, the desperation was so great given the magnitude of my opponent who I no longer knew where he was or where he was going I was just worried about saving my non-Life as often as possible.
I heard screams. The real fear of death affect me as of a mortal. The desperation of death whipping my back made me use all my expertise in my powers, which exhausted my body before reaching the end of the bloody jungle that surrounded me.
Tired to escape, I focus on the sounds of nature to try to feel or hear something. The deadly silence of the night dominates the place, no animals or even wind to disturb the leaves around me. I begin to feel the wet dog stench of fresh blood in the air. I can not over react.
How many of us are still alive?
Fuck them!
Gotta get out of here!
I look forward and see the worst of my nightmares rising, leaving the wolf form to crinos, giant, brawny, a demon-shaped beast with teeth and claws ready to tear me into small pieces.

 September 4, 20015, 1:00 AM

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