sexta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2016


Two men dressed in peculiar clothing are at dusk in front of a small chapel of a small country town. One seems to have his 40 years well lived and the other only a 20.
The older approaches and starts speaking almost in a whisper:
- New in order?
-Yes sir.
- It's been a long time since I've seen newcomers ready for action or we are running out of old with courage?
-I do not know sir, just told me to give you support.

-You know at least how to use a gun?
-Yes sir.
-Have Faith in God?
-Yes sir. But because weapons?
- They not talked about the mission?
-Is only a small hunting a vampire is killing some of the order, that's all, simple and fast.                     - But because the night? The protocol says that we have to day to hunt them in their sleep
- Yes, I know what it says that damn book, what do we get today did not come out of the woodwork, I think this weak or afraid. But it does not matter, let's end this.                                                             -You do not have to take so seriously the old book, was made for more than 1000 years and is not as useful as before, things have changed over time.
The older guy indicates the way they should go and begins to walk and tell his story.
-You know, when I went to order the same thing happened shortly after the training I was sent to kill a bloodsucker like this, I and five other members raided the mansion of the damned, the steward gave no resistance and let us in without worrying about the would happen to his master. We ran to the "room" of the undead and it was chaos.
-He was standing next to his coffin waiting for us and everything was too fast, killed everyone but me, looked at me and started laughing insanely.
-And what happened?
-He attacked me, I felt when he began to feed me, draining my life.
-And how do you escape?
-No Escaped it's been 300 years young man, and today is your lucky day. You'll meet your God!

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