sábado, 6 de fevereiro de 2016


At the heart of a metropolis a woman moaning in pleasure and pain. The little sound of cars running at dawn on an ordinary Wednesday mingles with the sound of the whore that delivery to your customer with more than sexual or financial satisfaction.

The scene is peculiar, the client is fully dressed in fine clothes, dark suit, white silk shirt, blue dark navy tie, and a well-polished shoe. While this woman totally naked, with only a necklace of sapphires and silver as polished as the host of the shoe. Her body is a work of Aphrodite, filled, round and soft breasts, thighs and bulky set, along with a beautiful and generous ass latina with a beautiful butterfly tattooed which is the mark of extremely small bikini.
The owner of it that night has a peculiar taste, he made her undress without ceremony and handed the necklace to her. He explains that it was a family heirloom that with it for centuries. Confused and not understanding what he meant by that, she put the delicate necklace and lay down in bed. "Ahh, the bed," she thinks. Lined with soft silk sheets with feathers of the most beautiful birds of Mount Olympus.
He comes around and sits on the bed. Caresses her legs rising from the feet to the groin causing feel the chill with the cold hand. He begins to touch her smooth and skillfully making it clear who has done it many times.
She delights in the pleasure of having a man who wants to give pleasure not only to penetrate to enjoy.
He approaches his mouth belly and starts to kiss her slowly climbing until you reach your neck, where the a long, deep kiss, which soon turns into a bite that penetrates her silky skin with sharp teeth.
Madness takes care of her, between pain and pleasure 'Kiss', a feeling rarely experienced by a woman who lived to tell the story.
Lost in bite ecstasy and surprised when he releases the jugular and that licking up the breast and bites, causing a horny explosion.
He sucks the breast as a child who died of hunger, causing groans hallucinated the poor girl does not know what's going on.
She felt her body soften, life seems to run away from it with every gasp of pleasure. Although she did not want to stop, feel the need to get rid of the deadly embrace.
Disoriented, almost dies, she sees he bites his lips own making bleed and kisses her on the mouth, bringing life and pain.
And with a grim smile he says:

- Welcome to the night my dear!

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