sábado, 20 de fevereiro de 2016


- Damn forest!
Shouts a desperate man and lost in the Black Forest of Germany.
On an empty canteen for hours or days, without food longer than water.
The madness begins to take care of your health.
With the certainty of death, whimsical take your camera to record the last words as he wanders aimlessly.
- The water is over!
- I do not know how long I'm going. I seem to be in the game "Silent Hill", always dark and gloomy cold. They have no fruit to eat, animals to hunt insects or to indulge me.
- The water is over and the food too.
- Water is ove ...
- Water, water, found water!
In desperation headquarters he plays in the small lake. With the water at the height of his shoulders he drinks with such ferocity that chokes.
After quench their thirst tries to return the surface to take a breath and can not, he is sucked into the water.
When submerged up to little more than the waist is surprised he can breathe.
Open your eyes and the front, three beautiful women with angelic features. skin as white as freshly fallen snow, blond hair like sunshine and blue eyes like the lake water that led up to them.
One looks at him with a sweet look, stretching hands and speaks in a sweet voice.
- Do not be afraid, I will help thee.

And with those words the man looses his camera, backpack, water bottle and grabs her hands, letting everything get lost in the lake.