terça-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2016


The occult always fascinated me, I was always attracted, like a force pulled me and made me run into the matter. I do not want to question the existence of God, but I always had this urge to prove the existence of something divine for my unhappy self, you know this need to fill that empty void? One that always respond to you in the temples of the most underhanded way possible? Always give an easy answer, in order not to be questioned. And leave in God's hands, but he does not answer! I watched the sacred scriptures and books even went Wicca for a period. But in a dream everything changed.
This is my story, about our true origin. All inquiries made to date were wrong and as a result their respective answers too, but today I bring them light and truth. Pay attention, attention! Because this is not a usual daily.
Tuesday, June 10, 2014
Nothing unusual, it was a day like any other, was a day without rituals, without looking, I went to work normally, then went to college, I came home exhausted. I showered, put on pajamas, ate something quick and went to bed. So I'm facing a gigantic tower, immeasurable, consisting of white spines, like ivory, with a large, illuminated thorn standing out on its top. I hear my name, as if someone calling me from inside, a soft and sweet voice. Way toward her, his white and massive gates thorny opens, with nothing inside, just a gigantic hall with numerous columns, no stairs, no furniture, no one in sight. I turn entering the hall, following the voice. I stop in front of a column and a lion's head is formed in the column and called me. I said I was welcome and that this proud that I have heard the call. Asks kindly for me to write my name in the column. I like your order and at the end I wish them luck in my wake.
I woke up, it was still night, look at the clock and had spent two minutes since he was lying to me, but I felt rested, renewed, with a sense of peace, I got to laugh to remember a scene from a movie of Harry Poter . Unfortunately, the sense of peace did not last.
To drive me to the kitchen, I feel something slimy climbing up my leg, a natural reaction of my body went to jump and try to remove it from me, but it was late I was paralyzed, could not move, and a very old subject invades my house putting my door down. I cry for help, and he extended his arms forward, the light begins to fail, the lamp explodes, the shots come in short, I could see the electricity running desperate to meet his hands, as if he had found his master that long not seen, clicking and buzzing in his hands fiercely, barely containing the anxiety to fulfill the will of his master in a flick casts of his hands the powerful attack makes strange goo ashes.
 - Quick young man, we have little time - he said.
No doubt his intentions was following every step of it. It takes me a kind of temple and explains that I woke up to the real world, he was a member of the "Society of the Arcane" and would explain me more when we were saved at the base of society.
Now I fear for this new reality and the doors it opens me.

Tower Thorn Lunargênteo: Erected in Arcadia, the Kingdom of Enchantment, where time runs strangely and a word spoken without thinking may order one's destiny forever.