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"The satisfaction of making millions is how to enjoy them"
                                                                   Raiquem Rocino.
June 2012, Paris, France.
A sunny day in this beautiful city. In the shopping center, the heart of the city, the building of a major corporation CEO just sit at his desk, coming from a grueling meeting, but his face not only demonstrated the exhaustion of that meeting, but also the satisfaction of knowing he got the I wanted, closed a large deal of hundreds of millions.
Sitting at his desk thinking about what to do to finish that day in splendid fashion. But although he had fast cars, houses and women, he did not know what to do. I wanted to enjoy the extreme, ultimate pleasure. He remembered a given card by an associate at an event. And orders the secretary to prepare the Roll's Royce.
Upon arriving at the address of the card comes across a house that looks like a mausoleum, nothing interesting, poorly maintained, badly painted. What draws attention are the security guards.
-Pra A security as armed for such a place. Really it was not the security guards would not call anyone's attention. But I feel more comfortable with it.
At the entrance the security asks the card and does not return, the entrepreneur looks askance but before pronouncing any word is driven door. An arched doorway, very large, in their glamorous years should be very beautiful, but now appears to be a haunted and abandoned house.
Upon entering is stunned, his body shakes with the scene witnesses. I never imagined something inside. The entrance is above all the rest of the room, giving a very clear picture of what happened. The first image in the center of the large hall is an oriental woman hanging on ribbons, all naked, who was staring at everyone with a look that aroused excitement in whom face him, adorned with pure gold jewelry, rings, bracelets and a necklace that should have belonged to Cleopatra, a string of disproportionate sizes for someone of his stature with a large topaz in the position where the beautiful young woman stood, he stopped in his mouth and provocative young man passed his tongue in stone creeping. He stopped and stared at the girl's body, his deep black eyes calling the pleasures of the flesh, her beautiful smile defying libido who is fascinated, their average breasts perky with already hard nipples, showing his pleasure, his sex with a fluff hiding it all were anxious to see giving an air of suspense, making everyone wonder what awaited them if they ventured with that oriental jewelry. That made the entrepreneur to hold, but can not contain the horny that it caused. Anxious at the thought of what awaited him did not contain his anxiety, thinking about what kind of woman would choose, what nationality, what color hair, types of breasts and that history could fantasize about her.
Why do I look the part?
- Damn time!
 That image was imprinted in his memory, did not know what to feel, disgust, fear, excitement?
The length of the hall skirting that center that looked more like a theater stage, are faced with several cabins, all open, without hiding what happened. Sofas of a past century, armchairs and Turkish style tables, narguiles and drugs of all kinds, but what really shook her spirit was what happened in those places and who occupied them. public figures, government, actors and actresses, owners of large companies, writers and philosophers, the most influential and known in the country.
bizarre scenes taken from the tales of horror, macabre tales of sado-masochism, paradoxes of human reality, with the erotic fantasy perverted fairy tales.
They were sex scenes a cheap book, the pleasures witnessed there would not be any book, belonged more to a daily depraved mind of a serial killer.
In a dimly lit corner of a political fiercely penetrated a blonde girl, very white skin, it looked like a porcelain doll and at the same time raised to the top knife and pounded on his body, his blood flowed and flowed across the table and the girl did not cried, just moaned with pleasure and asked for more, pulling him tightly to her and cried "more," the big man was in doubt to penetrate harder or stabbed. As I passed through the center coming close to that eastern hanging young above my head I see a beautiful woman, full French physiognomy asking that two truculent and muscular men to bite them, they gnawed and sucked his blood off the floor, the table and your body, kindly stopping to lick her pussy to see her squirm with pleasure. In many witness the powerful plead cabins to be bitten, to take blood and bite. Arriving at the center already with that lovely nymphet above me and being able to see clearly their sex, pink, moist and her pleasure running down her legs, she reveled in that whole scene as she moaned. But the front notices a muscular physique man, impossible not to recognize him, an actor of French martial arts and owner of a chain of gyms, was beating and bludgeon two women and a man almost more than he gave punches and kicks, beat with their faces in solid wood table, four were naked, no one responded, so he picks up one of the girls, beautiful by the way, grab her neck with both hands, then listen to the sound that beautiful fragile neck breaking giving a sound of "clak" the groaned girl, nothing happens, it does not die, does not react, just falls at his feet and grabs her sex and licks fiercely trying to prolong the pleasure of his client, the other two embrace the actor and help so he arrive at their total affability, he yells and roars like a monster, the four smile of satisfaction.
I am asked by a more mature woman of all that I had seen this place so eccentric, wearing a beautiful fur coat with nothing underneath, leaving show what she thought appropriate to the moment, teasing the imagination, sexy! She puts in front of me glued to my face its so close to my body I feel your warmth, your breasts they lean to my chest. And with a slow movement is the indicator on my face and asks breathlessly with a soft and sexy voice:
-What Pleasure want today. Paisan!

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