quarta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2016


"My beautiful children, you must thrive and spread, become many to protect my creation, control their cousins ​​'men', given his selfish nature you should be kept under control. So each couple may have a son who inherited his blessed blood. But here I will warn you, you are not as 'men', there is no distinction of sex, then to thrive must breed with one of its halves, human or wolf. Those born of incest suffer torment in their                                             souls to the end of his days cursed! "
- I ran, ran until not endure, even feel my muscles tear, even vomit, until the seat is such that I wondered blood to quench it.
- But pride is strong, I can not lower myself to the level of those leeches, after all, proud of that? My only pride was shattered in front of me.
- My daughter, my wife, how could you do this to them!
- I'll never forget that, as blood gushed from their young bodies, as tore his flesh like a simple slaughter cattle. '
- I will curse! Oh, Gaia, my Goddess, I do not deserve it, they did not deserve. But understand, to see my little, I understood why we should not commit incest, Ahh !! If you see. She was not wolf or human, was born as a familiar form of Crinos. How could I create it in society? No society would accept it.
- So they came, now in its monstrous form, two overcame me while my little murdered. In a tremendous rage rid of them. Escaped, it would be impossible to fight against all. I was a coward, but he had to come to you and tell you my story.
The magician looks at the Garou feeling compassion, but its centennial agreements can not be broken by feeling so giddy. So says sternly:
- You know I can not give you shelter or hide you. Unfortunately I can not break the agreement of our races.
The Garou looks down, shakes his head from side to side. And he speaks with a tone of disappointment and pain:
- You do not understand anything. I came not to ask for it! I want you take your pen and write down the drug I have to say. I know that your society loves knowledge and came to offer him. I want you to take note of my history and the history of my race. I know you have little information about us, even as our history can only be told in ceremonies and rituals, however, I am here to be able to pass what I know.
The magician looks at the Garou stamping one wit smile. Would now you could learn more about this breed that still can communicate with their creator.
- My son can get. However we are already aware that when they hit on my door I will do nothing.
- I'm already ready for whatever awaits me. Gaia had warned me I was a fool. So I tell you what I know will deliver me to my tormentor.

And with a satisfied smile the young Garou enters the house of Mago. Because there is no greater revenge than the revelation of secrets that lead since the creation of mankind. The young man hardly knows what it entailed.

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