sexta-feira, 12 de fevereiro de 2016


In a battlefield, warriors clash to death in bloody duels. Two of them stand out for timing in battle. Fighting side by side, smashing enemies with experience of years of struggle.
Then the enemy General sends a second wave of warriors. With the confusion caused by the numerous enemies both warriors distance themselves from getting a few meters of each other.

After killing a dozen warrior, sees his friend, more than friend, a battle brother being drilled by one, two, five arrows. He witnesses her weapon brother being killed.
Dementia feeling his brother-firing with the last look, seeing his soul being taken by death without being able to leave a last word to his wife and children as he falls to the ground owned by the blood of his opponents. This arouses a beast inside him, the fury of a warrior who feel the loss of a fraternal love leads to despair and madness.
With an enormous agility playing against opponents beheading the first with a single blow of his sword. Just dodges the next opponent and starts the left arm and uses his body to protect the rain of arrows thrown by his opponents in an attempt to delay his fierce onslaught and escape the relentless demon that attacks now.
With preternatural speed reaches up to the archers that remain, and putting yourself in their midst, begins to strike frantic sword blows. Looking like a fool, a blind attacking everything that moves, beheading, destroying all in a single stroke. Breaking bones, shed blood on the battlefield in the name of his brother swords.
When finished annihilate the killers, bathed in blood, it runs after the opposing general who was stunned by what he witnessed. An enemy decimated his army with little movement and go in despair knowing that it was over.
The distance of ten meters only takes a few steps. The general opponent tries in vain to hit him with a horizontal stroke, the warrior throws herself on her knees and sliding on the grass bathed in blood exceeding the general and standing behind him ready to decapitate him.
And with a surgical strike kicks off his head, falling to the ground while the strikes again, shattering the image of him that was responsible for the death of his brother.

With peace in your soul, the skull destroyer back to the body of his brother. Remove the arrows one by one and says goodbye to his brother in arms.

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