sexta-feira, 22 de abril de 2016


Oh what a wonderful day. Barely slept in the anxiety to know what awaits me. I have so many questions. In fact I do not even know what to ask. Everything changed the world in which he lived there, it is just a scam. I confess that I felt Neal in The Matrix, but of course not said aloud, but the wizard would give me even there. But to recap quickly, I was attacked in my room for something weird and then comes this guy like Raiden from Mortal Kombat to save me, at last we are in this refuge like a temple. He told me to rest, sleep, think he's afraid I go into shock or scare me, hahahaha, nothing, I am more energetic than ever.
So let's get to it, shall we?
Wednesday, June 11, 2014
I did not sleep, never been so anxious so I noticed in the room, very beautiful, in Egyptian decoration, full of urns, gold, a column in the middle with inscriptions, and look like an antique, it seemed that was not used for a long time, I can see dust around all things. Walk out of the room and see a giant Oval Office, outlined by countless doors, I counted about 20 and I am tired, in the center a giant table extending from end to end on a low floor, full of food, fruit, drink. I started my breakfast.
It did not take long to hear a door slam and he heading toward me, covered by a light blue robe.
- Good Morning. He said
- Good Morning. answer
- I thought a lot and the only question that makes sense is, what is awakening?
- I want you to pay attention to this story, she will explain everything.
In the early days of mankind, the man lived with the darkness and this darkness inhabited many creatures. Many feared the unknown, but a group of men surrendered to curiosity. They saw that almost all the creatures were going to the same place before dawn. They came out of their caves, many were afraid of losing their lives, but others move on. They walked for months, sailed for weeks and then reached an island. On this island there was a ball that shone with the sun. They were greeted by a giant bird called the human, said they were in a holy place and were deserving of knowledge for having come to this place. This place is called Atlantis. Atlantis was an island that had a slit in the veil between our world and the spirit world. There was formed a society that is dedicated to improving the human spirit. They devoted themselves to meditation and other rites to be able to consciously access that world. Those who could, returned with times of knowledge to him, so far in the timeline that can not venture to say they saw the future, in fact they could realize all creation, all energies, secrets of nature and spirits. Some of the first magicians, did not want to live on the island, they wanted to physically live in the world of spirits. They built a ladder with his knowledge and finally after a long time, both got what they wanted and they called themselves Exartas. Getting into the spirit world, they realized that they could influence humanity and become Gods, a group did not accept this attitude and went to war. The Exartas were defeated. The staircase was destroyed and the continued good living on the plane of spirits watching over us and preventing Exartas try again control humanity. To help awaken and protect started, they built 5 towers in enchanted lands, these towers not only protect awake but also shows him what his magic affinity.
- So this is our story. This is our legacy of how power corrupts.

The Tower of the Golden Key: Founded in Aether, the Kingdom of the Celestial Spheres, where the lightning illuminates the sky and magic falls as rain.

The Tower of the Iron Gauntlet: Founded in Pandemonium, the Kingdom of Nightmares, where the labyrinths of the mind can lead anyone to madness and where all tracks are illusions.

The Tower of Lead Currency: Founded in Stygia, the Kingdoms of crypts, where earth's treasures are kept and one day all things will end.

The Tower of Espinho Lunargent Founded in Arcadia, the Kingdom of Enchantment, where time runs strangely and a word spoken carelessly may rule the fate of a person forever.

The Stone Book Tower: Founded in Selva Primitiva, the Kingdom of Totems, where the meat is always renewed and the ephemeral is as solid as the committee.